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How to take photos of your models

How to take photos of your models

The digital Camera I use is a Nikon Coolpix 990

How to take photos of your models, with coloured backgrounds

Taking Photos Outdoors

A lot of you have me ask how I take my photos and get those backgrounds ?
Well I use 180gsm coloured card from an art shop (very cheap)

This is on a white background

and this is on a charcoal background

Take the photos whenever possible outside in sunlight (not direct) Hopefully the above photos show how to get the backgrounds sorted.

But the most important thing, I find is a to use a mini tripod.
Mine is a Manfrotto DIGI-TABLE-TOP model Cat. No: 709
Here is the link to Manfrotto's website :

Taking Photos Indoors

For indoor photos the equipment starts to cost a bit of money, sunlight is free, but in winter we don't get much sunlight in the UK or if we do were at work :):, so this is my method

Build a Cube with only 4 sides, Bottom, Left , Right and a Back. Each side being 2-3 foot (600mm - 900mm) this can be made from Ceiling Tiles the polysterene type or MDF painted white inside.

Buy a Studio Flash : The one I have is a Potoflash 336VM, This is a bit too powerful for model cars but works if mounted high above the cube and set on 1/4 power.

Buy a softbox : Mine is 600mm x 600mm

Assemble the Flash inside the softbox and place directly over the top of the cube you made.

Set the camera's flash to on, as this will trigger the Studio Flash Head.

Lastly use a tripod, as before I use the manfrotto Then snap away.... You will have to play with your camera settings to get it right. You local Photo shop will help you get the right size flash and soft box if you explain what you are taking pics of.

Have fun


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