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ADVAN/Vertex Toyota JZ30 Soarer

ADVAN/Vertex Toyota JZ30 Soarer
Notes : Researching the car is not easy as the internet only has limited photos.
But I have so far re-created all the artwork (in Illustrator) required to print the decals for the car on the Alps MD4000 printer using WAVE OF-01 Decal Paper.
The wheels on the real car (Rays GT-C) are not available in 1:24 so I will have to use a substitute, maybe Rays TE37 or CE28's
Side skirts recreated with Plastic Card and Tamiya Fast Drying Epoxy Putty
Rear skirt recreated with Plastic Card and Tamiya Fast Drying Epoxy Putty
Front Bumper mods created Plastic Card and Tamiya Fast Drying Epoxy Putty, also vent cut into the bumper
Bonnet and Doors covered with Scale Motorsports Metallic Red Twill Weave Composite Fiber Decal
Work started on the engine install (2JZ from a Tamiya Supra) Custom made large Turbo and Air Filter

Real Car and Driver Stats

  • Driver 024 --Takahiro Ueno
  • Birth Date: November 5th, 1971
  • Birth Place: Kanagawa
  • Best Position: 5th Place
  • Rank: Priority B
  • Car: GT30PROSVersion
  • Top qualifier in: Round 2
  • Sponsors Advan / HKS / ORC / Rays / Oberon / ATS / Car Make T&E / Kouei / Yanack
  • Power 450 ps
  • Torque 55 kg-m
  • Tires F / Neova (255/35-18) R / Neova (265/35-18)
  • Wheels F / Rays GT-C (10J-18) R / Rays GT-C (10J-18)
  • Suspension F / HKS Hipermax D (16kg/mm) R / HKS Hipermax (14kg/mm)
  • Exterior F/B: Vertex - S/S: Vertex - R/B: Vertex - Wing: Sard
  • Transmission JZA80
  • Clutch ORC

Base Kit

Manufacturer : Aoshima
Title : JZZ30 Soarer 2.5GT Twin Turbo
Scale : 1/24
Kit # AOS29688
Build Date : Feb 2004 - ???
Kit Supplied By :

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